Here is a short excerpt from the premise of a book I am presently having published (launch date not yet set)

In light of the fact that the Scriptures state that the great persecution has already occurred (Acts 8:1) has been overlooked in favor of a future Great Tribulation. Also, the harlot of Revelation chapters 16-19 has been looked upon as some mystical figure or city, rather than understanding the facts as they are presented in the Scriptures and applying man’s own rules and laws of language and hermeneutical principles in interpreting those facts, ultimately coming to the conclusion that the harlot is an image of a continuing wayward people behaving in a manner which is consistent with the fathers of the Old Testament, and in fact were the sons of those very fathers. All of that would depend, of course, on the Revelation being accepted as a vision seen and a document written before the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70AD, which is the preterist view. There have been many books and articles written throughout the years that have focused on various aspects of the preterist view of eschatology. There have not, however, been any which have combined those various thoughts into a coherent treatise.

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