Idolatry is Harlotry

It would be safe to say that the Israelites were guilty of playing the harlot by turning from God and worshipping other gods. They did it from the beginning of time. You can go all the way back to the Garden of Eden when Satan tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the tree of […]

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Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel

We’ve been discussing how God’s people – the Israelites – who became the people of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah – played the harlot by worshipping other gods; and that God, who saw that as being unfaithful to Him, judged them accordingly. He brought the Assyrians against Israel and the Babylonians against Judah, events […]

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Isaiah and Jeremiah

In studying how Israel was the harlot of the Old Testament, we have traveled through the wilderness (the Exodus), into the Promised Land (Judges and Kings), and we saw that regardless of who was leading the Israelites, they still suffered from the same disease – idolatry. We saw that idolatry was a major affront to […]

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Jezebel and Athaliah

We have been talking about how Israel was the harlot of the Old Testament because the people turned away from God and went to serve other gods; that is the definition of harlotry. We also talked about how King Ahab was an idol worshipper who worshipped Baal, built altars to the gods and built Asherah. […]

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King Ahab and Jezebel

            We’ve been discussing how Old Testament Israel is the harlot. Since Revelation also has something to say about the harlot, it is imperative to have a full grasp of what the Old Testament says about her in order to fully understand what the apocalypse is saying.   King Ahab of Israel, the son of […]

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Here is a short excerpt from the premise of a book I am presently having published (launch date not yet set)

In light of the fact that the Scriptures state that the great persecution has already occurred (Acts 8:1) has been overlooked in favor of a future Great Tribulation. Also, the harlot of Revelation chapters 16-19 has been looked upon as some mystical figure or city, rather than understanding the facts as they are presented in […]

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Comment about My Blog Pix

This picture is not a perfect analogy, but it resembles the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus addressed to multitudes from a boat and spoke many parables to them (Matthew 13). A profound statement to the question by His disciples as to why He spoke to them in parables is v.11 where He said to them, […]

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