Seventy Weeks III

We left off last time talking about the decree of Daniel 9:27 and we noted that that decree was issued by the Persian King Cyrus concerning the rebuilding of the Temple. This is the Temple that became known as the Second Temple or Herod’s Temple, and it was the Temple that was standing in the […]

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Seventy Weeks II

We’ve covered a lot of ground, but there is a lot more information that needs to be conveyed about the seventy weeks, as it is an important prophecy. Actually, all of Daniel’s prophecies are important because they all have eschatological overtones and outright bombshell eschatological implications. Whether studying Revelation, Jesus’ prophecies, or the other O.T. […]

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The Seventy Weeks

We are attempting to unravel the mystery of the abomination of desolation, which Jesus and Daniel both talked about; the great tribulation, tribulation, days of vengeance/great distress, or time of distress which Jesus mentioned in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as well as Daniel, respectively. We made note of the similarities between what Jesus and Daniel […]

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Matthew 24:3 and the KJV

We have been discussing Jesus’ indictment and sentence of the religious leaders and His subsequent lament over them, the city, and the Temple (Matthew 23:37-39). Those were stunning words spoken by our Lord, words which those leaders either totally misunderstood or ignored, to their own destruction, for the wrath of God was eventually poured out […]

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Jesus Weeps for Jerusalem

Last time, we discussed Daniel’s prayer for Jerusalem and its people as recorded in Daniel 9. The people had been forced into captivity by the Chaldeans after they overran Judah and destroyed the city and Temple. It was a significant event and Daniel’s response was also significant. A similar occurrence was prophesied by Jesus many […]

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Daniel Prays for Jerusalem

Daniel is the prophet whom nearly everyone associates with eschatology and rightly so, although most people wrongly make that association by attributing his prophecies to “the end of time” because of the several references to that in his prophecies. We will discuss those remarks in the next few posts, but for now, we are discussing […]

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We’ve been talking about the harlot, attempting to establish who she was, and ultimately, what that means. In the process, we had come to what the prophets had to say and when we looked at Ezekiel, we saw that he talked about two sisters Oholah and Oholibah. The analogy between the two is very important, […]

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